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Why do you need a website?

In your business, you pay close attention to digital marketing and publicity for your business! In recent years, the Internet has evolved from a scientific network to a platform, online presence that is generating a new generation of businesses! On the one hand, technology has revolutionized the way of doing business, but also business is adapting to new opportunities, modern business ideas are intertwined with new technologies in an ever-increasing online social presence.

The Web Presence will create the full spectrum of your unique business image and the right attraction for the customer audience that is very sensitive to the sleek business presence on the Web and products. Smart Center offers you the Development of the Web Presence of your business adapted to the vision, mission, purpose and direction of the business!

Our Projects

Smart Center

We are innovative


WordPress Websites

Create your online presence with modern wordpress templates.

Ecommerce Websites

Create your 24/7 online shop to sell your products and services.

Custom CMS Websites

Create a CMS software and easily manage your content.

Smart Center

Why should you choose us?

Smart Center offers you the  Web Development of your Business Presence tailored to the vision, mission, purpose and direction of the business. Since building a sophisticated Web Presence is not easy, the professional tools and experience available to our staff guarantee a successful business presence with universally accessible and useful information for endless online audiences.

Smart Center has 22 years of experience and the right staff to serve well and quickly! Within ten days you are presented to endless online audiences with your website created and maintained by professionals!





We are expert Developers
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Deada Sela

Graphic Designer

Nertila Isaku

Web Development


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